Don’t try this at home!! Starting your car with a Hammer and Chisel

I very recently wrote about the weak leak being your key. Here is an example of that going to the worst degree.
I was called by a client whose key would not turn in the ignition, the vehicle was a Chevy Blazer, when I arrived I found the client out of frustration had taken a hammer and chisel to his ignition lock, guess what it doesn’t work. The worst part of it is when we are not told everything, in this case it was that the client had broken off a piece of the chisel in the lock. That omission ended up costing the client extra money by about 3 hours and close to a dozen cobalt drill bits.
If you get into a situation where the ignition doesn’t turn with your existing key, try another first. If it doesn’t with the other key and it is not a key cut by code(see the weakest link article) call us. We can obtain the code number, impression a key, or remove, disassemble and obtain the “bitting” numbers to cut a key. If there is a necessity to replace the lock cylinder who better than us to remove the cylinder and replace it economically(see the Ford Focus article).
Check out the pictures of GM Ignition Cylinders

This is the Hammer and Chisel lock. Note the extensive drilling

This lock was drilled, note the lack of overall damage though.

This lock I was able to "pick" into position to remove it from the switch housing

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