Why try to put a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

I had a client call me tonight and ask me if I could install a lock in his front door a lock he was to supply I am always leary of these jobs but like any business person am here to earn a living, after explaining the charges to the gentleman and having his agreement I received his address and since I was done my last job scheduled for the day immediately headed over to his home. When I got there the surprises began.The lock he was supplying Samsung, yes a Samsung the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles, numerical code keypad, biometrics, power actuated bolts, the whole enchilada so to speak. Very nice. Problem one all the instruction were in Korean, unfortunately I don’t read Korean, what it does tell me though is this lock is not for a Canadian to North American market. Problem Two the latching system is designed for an Aluminum or other type door, the the wooden from door of your typical house, the latch requires noticing out a sizeable piece of the front door and therefore it weakens the structure of the door. Problem 3 the receiving side of the door frame likewise needs to be morticed out and judging by the size of the insert the bolt area of the lock only goes in about 3/4 of an inch, the screws were only 1 inch long leaving you vulnerable to a “kick type attack”. Problem 4 with all the electronics on this lock and the actuators involved with draw a heavier amperage that just Biometrics and a keypad the battery life in these locks drops substantially costing the owner a higher than intended expense.
After explaining why I could not ethically install this Square Peg in a Round hole due to the fact that I would compromise his home security and his families safety the client explained to me that he had already had one installed on his rear door. I kind of did a double take and asked him why not have the prior person/locksmith install this one, my answer 3 words “to much money” well I can’t fault a man for trying to find the biggest bang for his buck and the client offered to show me the lock and installation in his rear door. To me the words that came to mind were BUTCHERY and TRAVESTY. To see a beautiful beveled high end expensive door hacked apart to install a lock that was not designed to fit the door, that reduces the security of the family and home is a travesty, to see 4 to 5 inches of the bevel opened to the air and the public is butchery, to see a lock off center and unsupported properly is an embarrassment.
There are major North American concern that build every kind of lock for every application you can think of, they are companies that have the skill and the know how to properly secure your home and family, they are professionals who have decades of history behind them and test everything to the nines.These are companies that supply training to us as qualified professional Locksmiths so that we can best advise you the home or business owner what application best suits your needs, they also make products to fit just about every price point out there other than garbage that compromises your security and their reputation.
All I or any other locksmith out here can do is advise you with all our experience and out ability to install the RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT APPLICATION. Keep in mind that we as professionals have our own families that we also protect the right way and advise you with that in mind.

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